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Social Media Packages

Encompasses the creation and optimization of content specifically designed
for distribution across social media platforms. These productions focus on crafting engaging videos, images, and text that resonate with target
audiences, drive engagement, and enhance brand visibility.

Develop visually appealing and attention-grabbing videos that
resonate with your target audience

Engaging Content

Optimize video formats, dimensions, and captions to align with the preferences and functionality of each social media

Platform Specific Features

Break down longer narratives into bite-sized, shareable
snippets that are easily digestible for social media users.

Short Form Story Telling

Maintain a cohesive visual identity and style across all social media videos to reinforce brand recognition

Consistent Branding and Style

​Headshot Photography

​Professional headshots of employees, executives, and team members for company websites, social media profiles, and marketing materials. Subjects have the option to choose from a curated selection of high-resolution images in live time during the photoshoot. All selected photographs will be professionally edited to further enhance their visual appeal.

Corporate Headshots:
Classic and formal headshots with seamless, studio-quality backdrop of your choosing

Environmental Headshots:
Taken in the subject's workplace or a desired setting, adding context and personality to the image

​Team/Group Photo Shoot

​​Group shots featuring employees, teams, or entire organizations for annual reports, websites, or promotional materials.

Background/Location(s) and featured Subjects will be selected during 'Pre-Production' for maximum efficiency during the shoot. Selected photographs will be professionally edited to further enhance their visual appeal.

Traditional Group Portraits:

Classic group shot where all members are posed together, often in a formal arrangement.

Casual Group Photos:

A more relaxed and informal group photo that captures the team members in a more natural and candid setting.

Action/Lifestyle Photos:

Targeted at capturing team members while they're engaged in an activity or project.


​Corporate Branding Photography

​Visual content that reflects and reinforces a company’s brand identity.
Service focuses on office interiors, branding materials, and product
shots in line with your brand's aesthetic.

​Facilities and Ariel Photography

​Images of corporate buildings, offices, and exteriors for marketing, presentations, and architectural records.
 Corporate Headshots:
Focused on highlighting your property exteriors, machinery, and facilities.
Aerial/Drone Photography:
Photographs taken from various altitudes of corporate campuses, properties, and points of interest from unique perspectives


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